Review : Hagurosan By Darren Shan

Author : Darren Shan
Illustrator : Zack McLaughlin
Publisher : Barrington Stoke
Year Published : 2013
Pages : 64 pages
Genre : child, fantasy


Hagurosan wanted to stay at home and play. But his mother asked him to take cake to the spirits of the shrines. And so he pulled a face, stuck the cake in the pocket, and set off.

It's a long, hot, hungry climb up the Holy Mountain. Hagurosan only meant to take a tiny bite of the cae. But then there was nothing left...

The spirits have curse people for less. They have brought dreadfull illness upon them. They have struck them down the dead.

What will they do to Hagurosan?

My Story

Hagurosan is the most expensive book I ever bought! I pay 142k for 64 pages. Muehehehehehehehe. Mbak Astrid help me to bought this book. I bought it two years ago. And finally I read it....


Hagurosan is the second book in English that I read. I have no choice because it's Darren Shan's book and no translated book yet.

The book is children book and dyslexia friendly. But I found a strange word when I read. So I read it with dictionary side me. I opened, searched, and continue reading after find the meaning of the words. I will write how many times I opened dictionary XD

I will not write about the story. Because Hagurosan is long-short story. I can't write more without give a spoiler. We can called it Novella. But font of Hagurosan bigger than usuall. With illustratrion. I like reading the book like this. Will not make me sleepy. Hahah

The blurb tell the point of the story. And the story tell about Hagurosan journey. From home to the shrine and why he can't go home.

A simple story for teens and older, so simple. But, I'm Shanster so I must read this book XD

The ending is typical ending of Darren Shan's book X)) You will not surprise if you read Daren's book more than 3 times (Series count as one).

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