BBI Birthday Party : Letter for Favorite Author

Hari ke-dua dari rangkain peringatan ulang tahun BBI yang ke-lima. Hari ini jadwalnya menulis surat terbuka untuk penulis favorit. Sebenarnya aku bingung mau nulis apa. Jadi ya mau nulis surat cinta ajalah. Surat yag ada di bawa ini adalah surat yang ingin kutulis sejak bulan Februari lalu. Tapi berhubung kudu pake bahasa Inggris, jadi aku gak jadi jadi nulisnya. Dan berhubung sekarang (anggap saja) dipaksa nulis, jadilah surat cintanya Ini namanya the power of kepepet XD 

Dear Darren Shan

Hi Darren. Is it the first time you visite my blog? What do you think? What do you find first? Your name? Yeah, I put your name on top because..... of course, I'm your fans.

Remember about Shanville Monthly last month? When you write "It's fun to dream and share our dreams, isn't it?!?", I want to write a letter to you. Very long letter because I want yo share my dreams with you. My big dreams! I send a mention to tell you that I want to send a very long letter, and when you like the tweet, I know you read it and let me do it. But I can't speak English well, so I never start writing. But today, for celebrate BBI's birthday, I write this letter for you. I'm sorry for every mistake words.....

Darren, I want to share to you about my dreams.....

First, I want to go to Shanville. Visite your home and meet Bas and Dante  I think it will be like go to vampire mountain and meet other like meet family. I want to see your room where every story start. I want to see your first draft. Three days ago, I found some books  I tried to find something, but I found my draft. If I don't have a deadline, I always write in the book with pen. I want to become an author like you. Did you know about that? Now you know XD But I don't like to write horror story XD I like to write about dystopia.

Second, I want to write a spin off story. Write about Steve Leonard and Annie Shan. And why I meet Darius years ago. It will not be a horror story, right? XD Steve is mystery. I never know who is his father (Ok, I know but if I said who is his father, it will be a big spoiler), maybe his mother never get married, and I don't know what makes Steve hate Darren so much. He hates you, Darren. But I like the story. By the way, I have 24 books of Darren Shan saga. 12 books in English and 12 books in Indonesian language. 12 book in manga, still in my wishlist.
The most expensive than books in English and Indonesian.

Third, I want to write a script, reboot of Cirque du Freak film. Sorry Darren, I know you bored to talk about this. But I can't stop thinking about it. You said maybe it will be another film or series (if someone has hundred thousands dollars). Everything is possible, Darren. I never lost hope. I can write a script, just for me. Maybe finally I can stop thinking about that. But I don't know how to write a script XD

Fourth, I want to make online bookshop. I told you about that and you said
"Yes, that should all be fine". So i used Shanster Id for its name. Someday maybe I will have a bookstore. With special corner where full of your books. I hope i can sell a sign book. It's hard to get your sign if you never come to Indonesia. Win your competition is the easiest way. But win is a hard way :(

Fifth, I want to bring you to my country. To Indonesia. Maybe to Indonesian Reading Festival. Make a booth and use Shanville for the name. Show visitor about your books, give them some merchandise, and you will come for talk show. We will introduce you. 

Sixth, make a publisher. We know about your popularity. We know your book stop published at Blood Beast. There's only 18 translated books. And you have more than 30 books. If I have enough money to publish another book....

Seventh, I always happy when my friends call me Mary, Mary Shan. I hope I can use it for pseudonym. With your permission, of course.

I write a stories. I tried to mention you in everystory though just once. My first fantasy story is Partial Knife, and I often mention you, your name, your character, your book, your quote. I still try to rewrite it. It finished but I didn't edit it yet. I have a plan to write it in English and send it to you. I hope you cand spend your time to read it. It just 100 pages. Trust me, it will not take a long time to read. I want to hear your critics.

Darren, do you want to ask me something? Ask me why I want 7 things above, I mean 8 things, come true? 

I'm your fans but I always feel lonely. I ofter hear my friends talk about abother author. And they like on fire. But just somefriends who can talk about you with me. But not every day, not every week, not every month.

I'm alone, Darren. Only your books and me...

All My Bloody best,

Mary 'Maryana' Shan

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